The Irish Whip Polls

On this page, you'll find the pulse of The Irish Whip fan nation. The WWE polls results will be shown in red while those of MMA will be in blue. Consider this to be the home of polling and poll archives for The Irish Whip.

36% of respondents agree that Forrest Griffin is the right man for the title shot against Rampage, while 28% chose Lyoto Machida, 20% chose Wanderlei Silva, and 16% chose Keith Jardine.

Before Matt Serra pulled out due to injury, 71.4% believed that Hughes would win the fight between the two.

50% of respondents said that Michael Bisping would win the main event at UFC 78 while 50% thought Rashad would take it.

66% of respondents said that Rich Franklin would win the title fight at UFC 77 whereas 34% said that Anderson Silva would win it.

53% of respondents said that they were looking forward to the Liddell-Jardine match up while 47% said that they were not.

When asked about the expected physical condition of Frank Mir at UFC 74, 53% said "poor," 23% said "very poor," 9% said "extremely poor," and 15% said "Butterbean."

50% of respondents can name 1-5 members of the Gracie family, 40% can name 6-10, and just 10% were able to name 14-18. No one claimed to be able to name all 19 members.

When asked to rate the WWE PPVs since WrestleMania 23, 45% thought that they were below average or poor while 55% thought that they were average or better.

If respondents could get MMA lessons from any fighter, 50% would choose Chuck Liddell, 25% would pick Randy Couture, and 25% would go to the school of Fedor.

40% of respondents think Ric Flair will be a World Champion before he retires while 60% do not.

50% of respondents think that Shane McMahon killed Vince, 33.3% believe it was Stone Cold, and 16.7% think that DX did it.

50% of respondents believe that with the draft changes in place, ECW will stay about the same. 25% think it will improve and 25% think it will get worse.

71.4% of respondents think that BJ Penn will win The Ultimate Fighter 5 Main Event while 28.6% believe that Jens Pulver will win.

60% of respondents think that Nitro to ECW was the biggest move of the supplemental draft, while 20% think it was The Major Brothers to RAW and 20% think it was London and Kendrick to RAW.

50% of respondents are most excited to see Penn-Pulver (TUF 5 Finale), while 25% are most excited to see Couture-Gonzaga (UFC 74) and 25% are most excited to see St. Pierre-Koscheck (UFC 74).

71.4% of respondents are in favor of Fedor Emelianenko coming to the UFC while 28.6% are against the idea.

50% of respondents think that CM Punk is the most promising emerging star in the WWE, while MVP, Shane McMahon, and Marcus Cor Von each received 16.7% of the vote.

90% of respondents think that the McMahon death sequence was the most shocking part of the WWE Draft, while 5% thought it was Mr. Kennedy being drafted to RAW and another 5% thought it was the announcement of Mick Foley's title shot.

40% of respondents think that Rich Franklin will win his rematch against Anderson Silva while 60% believe that the champion will retain his title.

75% of respondents think that Chuck Liddell is the best fighter in UFC's Light heavyweight division while 25% think it is Mauricio "Shogun" Rua -- even if the UFC can sign Wanderlei Silva.

67% of respondents thought that the WWE should not merge the rosters as it was during the 90s while 33% felt that this was a good idea.

67% of respondents thought that Mr. Kennedy's injury was most devastating to the WWE while 33% felt that it was Shawn Michaels.

60% of respondents thought that Chuck Liddell should fight the winner of the Henderson-Rampage fight, with 40% saying that the loser should be granted a rematch first.